Collection: DiaCross

Sumikama Cutlery has been devoted to manufacturing high-quality and value-added cutlery using the over 780-year traditions of Seki sword-smiths and its outstanding skill to  harmonize new technologies with new materials.

Design, manufacture, sale, and export of home-use/professional-use knives, cooking utensils, and other gift items.

Sumikama Cutlery was founded in 1906!

Please feel free to ask us about more of the fine Kasumi knives we also import.

Kasumi titanium coated!

Kasumi Black Kurouch!

DIA Cross manufactured in Seki City Japan by Sumikama cutlery!

Imported by Chroma USA Inc.

Blade steel is the finest Molybdenum Vanadium steel!

Handles are 18-8 stainless!

 DiaCross are elegant and amazing and have the diamond cross design on the handles for a better grip.