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High Quality Kitchen Knives

Haiku - Japanese


with the new Ka-Six Edge.

We get the special Turbo knife steel from famous German steel maker ThyssenKrupp. At CHROMA we use this blue Turbo Steel to make an unbelievable new knife concept. As you know, we are all quiet long time in the knife industry and always like to develop the knives to be better. So we found some - very time

consuming - treatments how to refine the knife's edge.. It was common sense and a lot of trial and error the past 10 years. The result is the new KA-Six edge. The Turbo has on the edge an HRC of 6T°, While the rest of the knife keeps pretty flexible at 56° HRC. You can recognize TURBO by the metallic blue pearl. Sharper than most knives on the market. Sharper than many Japanese brands. This way the hard Turbo is easier to re-sharpen.

Six main Advantages of Chroma TURBO — Design
by FA. Porsche

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Haiku Original by Chroma Cutlery

In Japan use this time-tested technique when crafting swords like those once used by the samurai of medieval Japan. HAIKU - the Japanese knife with the honoki-wood handle.Often Imitated - Only Authentic with the Falcon. What does HAIKU mean? The haiku is a highly artistic form of poetry, developed : among the noble classes of Japan in the 16th century. Translated literally it means "witticism."” The meter and content of a haiku are "sharpen fo a fine edge.”In Japan we use only the sharpest knives to insure the most precise and finest cut. HAIKU knives are extremely sharp; please take special care when using them. (Keep them away from children.)Never wash HAIKU knives in the dishwasher, the aggressive detergents and heat damage the steel and the honoki wood. Please wash the knife in warm water and dry it by hand after every use. Such care insures life-long reliability of HAIKU.

Please do not cut bone or another hard materials with our HAIKU knives. A cleaver should be used for such tasks.HAIKU knives stay sharp a long time, but depending on how often you use the knives, they will need to be sharpened at home. Japanese HAIKU knives are designed for quick and easy a sharpening. Use the HAIKU whetstone for best results; if necessary another ceramic whetstone may be o— A . used. In a desperate situation, draw the knife's edge over the bottom of an unglazed porcelain bowl to sharpen. Please never use a sharpening-steel, as it will damage the fine HAIKU edge.

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Chroma USA Inc has many different brands that we represent in the USA. Our main brand is the Chroma type 301 designed by F.A. Porsche. This type 301 includes 301 Hammered finish and followed up by Chroma Turbo also designed by F.A. Porsche with German steel blades We also import some of the best Japanese knives including all of the Haiku lines Original, Damascus and Haiku Kurouchi. This is followed by Knives we import form Japan from Sumikama Cutlery in Seki Japan Kasumi knives are all made from high quality product and include Kasumi Kuro, DiaCross and Kasumi Titanium coated with more fo come soon. We also represnt a few knife lines from IVO Cutlery manufactured in Portugal.