Collection: Haiku Damascus

Haiku Damascus knives made of V-Gold N0. 10 Stainless Steel V-Gold No 10 is a high carbon stainless steel with cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and vanadium added for durability. Haiku Damascus knives are 33 layers of stainless steel, only center layer acts as the cutting edge.

The layers of the Haiku Damascus knives are repeatedly folded together with different types of stainless steel forge welding until you have 16 thin alternating layers. These layers are forge welded to both sides of the

V-Gold No 10 core.

 Haiku Damascus knives do not have a bolster they have a full tang and the handles are made from Cherry Wood. The handle takes the shape of your hand after longtime use.

Handle and blade are joined with the “mekugi” brass pin inserted from the side.

This is the ancient process used for the Samurai sword.

Haiku Damascus knives are manufactured by Sumikama in Japan. Look for the sign of the Falcon for the Haiku quality. Special tempering is used and is a closely guarded secret.

The Haiku Damascus knives are made for us by Sumikama Cutlery known as Kasumi Knives.