Collection: Haiku Kurouchi

Chroma Haiku Kurouchi

Knives by Chroma Haiku Kurouchi belong to the hand-forged Takumi knives and combine premium material, tradition, elegance and best craftsmanship.

Even fresh out of production, the blade possesses a breathtaking sharpness. With regular use of a good sharpening stone, as with all Takumi knives, the cutting performance will rise to an almost inaccessible level of sharpness. This is due to the unique design of the knife’s blade: A sandwich construction that is made up of extremely hard, blue Aoko-steel at the center, which is then finished with protective layers of consecutively softer iron to ensure flexibility and stability.

Kurouchi knives owe their characteristic, archaic nature to their birthplace – the Tosa region of Southern Japan. The Tosa Region is known for its long tradition of forging knives, and also for its wild, raw and furrowed landscape, which lends its spirit to the Kurouchi blade and gives this knife its unmistakable, untamed nature. After it has been forged, the blade of Chroma Haiku Kurouchi knives is left raw and unpolished, only the cutting edge glitters metallically. Due to this characteristic feature, the knives have been named Kurouchi, as it means black-forged in Japanese.

Please be aware that the Blue Japanese steel is very high carbon and must be taken special care to avoid rust.

These knives are limited lifetime warranty  and are covered for any manufacturer defects. Mis Use abuse and rust are not covered in this warranty. You must hand wash and put away dry.