Collection: Kasumi Black Kurouci

KASUMI Black Kurouchi (Black forged) Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife

Kasumi black forged finish is called “ Kurouchi “ in  Japanese.  Kurouchi blade is a Japanese traditional, black      rustic finish. Blade retains the scaly  residue left from the forging process, gives the knife it’s own character.

Core steel: Aogami Steel (Blue Paper) No.2. contains High-Carbon, which is generally called as carbon steel and it is not a stainless steel.Hardness around HRC61 +/- clad in iron,

3 layers.Chemical Component of Aogami Carbon Steel.

The origin of the naming of the steel is that the steel factory put the colored paper for some different steels to      recognize them, so they put blue paper (ao-gami), white paper (shiro-gami) and yellow paper (ki-gami) for 3 different kinds of steels, so those are now the trade names for those steels.

The blue paper is the best quality among those.

Since it is not a stainless steel, the blade needs to be well cared for. 

After each use, it should be cleaned and completely dried, and if there will be some time for no use it is better to put some oil on the whole blade.

The handle is made American cherry wood.

Please be aware that these knives are very high Carbon and you must take special care.

These knives can rust and we do not warranty knives against rust.

Your warranty will only cover            manufacturer defects.