Collection: Kasumi Titanium

Kasumi Titanium coated knives blades are manufactured from Molybdenium Vanadium Steel and coated in Titanium. This affords the sharpest edge possible with combination of steel and Titanium.

The knives are made by professional craftsmen with skills cultivated in the traditional Japanese techniques of sword making in Seki, Japan. Titanium is non toxic and since titanium does not generate ferrous ion it prevents food getting a metallic taste. Titanium is remarkably corrosive resistant and it protects the strong and sharp edge. Titanium is a non allergenic metal and odorless!

The outstanding edge has been achieved by combining the best advanced technology with the unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of the craftsmen making these professional kitchen knives! Their skills have been cultivated in the traditional Japanese techniques of sword amking handed down from generation to generation for over 780 years in Seki Japan!

Use only on a cutting board and not to be used for cutting into bone or frozen foods!

Best to always wash your quality cutlery by hand and put away safe!