Collection: Kasumi Tora

Seki Japan the cutlery capitol, is situated in the center of the Japanese . Archipelago . For      centuries , Seki swords were  renowned as effective swords and were favored by the Samurai warriors.  

The main cutting blade of the Kasumi Tora knives are made from Molybdenum Vanadium steel. High carbon stainless steel that was developed for knives. The blades are hardened to the professional level and keep a sharper cutting edge longer.

The handle is made of Magnolia wood that has been used for traditional kitchen knives for over a few hundred years.

The beauty of the Kasumi Tora knives with the black Magnolia handle make the knives look graceful and are strong and good for any style of    cooking.

Before using the knife wash with neutral detergent in hot water using a soft sponge or towel.

Then dry completely and repeat after each use.

The blades are extremely hard and we suggest using a Japanese whetstone for sharpening.

Please do not use for cutting frozen foods or bones.