Collection: Kaume Kasane

Kasane is the kitchen knife made in Seki City,Gifu Prefecture,using materials from Japan's rich nature. The city has been producing cutlery for over 700 years, and its tradition in technology made this knife possible.

Sumikama was established in Seki city in 1916. They built upon their cutlery technology and experience and designed it from the perspective of women to fit the modern lifestyle. The handle is made from Gifu Perfecture's natural wood from mountain cherry trees, which used to be disposed of or chipped. The special beauty of the unique natural wood gives each knife its own aesthetics.

The word Kasane comes from the phrase "Kasane-no- irome," refering to the ancient art of layering colors in Japanese kimono,and represents the idea of layering in many ways,from the layering of scenery over the seasons and layering the hours of the day to the beauty of a woman.