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Keramica  tm  Ceramics


Data introduction


The Damascus Ceramic Knives are modern innovative designs to improve your culinary experience!

The hardness of the ZIRCONIA (ZrO2) ceramic blades strength (2nd to diamonds)

 are corrosion & rust resistant and impervious to food acidity and stains.

They provide an significant advantage to traditional stainless cutlery. The     micro-sharp Keramica blades will hold its edge much longer than traditional steel knife blades.

The blades can go literally years without re-sharpening. Ceramic knives do not leave behind a metallic taste or smell. Your Keramica – Ceramic blades are a environmentally friendly, chemically stable product. The non-stick surface is easier to clean than stainless steel and will not tarnish or absorb food odors, simply rinse with soap and warm water.


Keramica Blade Sharpness


Visualize slices so thin you can actually see through them. A knife that stays sharper longer. Keramica advanced micro edged blades offer extraordinary edge retention over stainless steel edged blades. This also includes high carbon steel blades.


Technical Product Information

Zirconia Ceramic ZrO2

Material composition  : ZrO2 > 94.4% Y203 > 5.25% Si02 > 0.015% Fe203 > 0.01% Na20 > 0.01% A1203 > 0.25% CI > 0.01%

Specific Density: 5.95g/cm, Hardness (HV) > 1100-1250, Bending Strength 1150Mpa, Fracture toughness 7-10                 Grain size>0.5um, Elastic modulus 205Gpa, Thermal conductivity 3 w/m.k, Thermal expansion Coefficient 20-400C


Certificate FDA-certificate and lfgb-certificate available, both issued by SGS


FAQ--- Frequent Asked Questions


  1. How do I sharpen my Ceramic Knives?
  2. You can re-sharpen your ceramic knife by bringing it to a qualified knife shop, one which has a powered diamond sharpening wheel.


  1. Will my Ceramic knife break or shatter if I drop it?
  2. No (with possible exception however of the tip of the blade) Zirconium oxide is a very strong material. Like a forged steel knife, you can break the tip if you drop on the point of the blade, i.e.: tile floor etc.


  1. Is there any other way I can damage my Ceramic knife?
  2. You can chip the edge if you cut into bone. You can damage it if you use it to pry.