Collection: VgSTON barrier knife

VGS23-NA 6.75 in Katana


6-layer unique coating on both sides of the blade

Gives it an uneven surface and makes it a low friction clean cut tool. It produces a rust resistant quality and it’s easy to clean.

Conventional knife The more deeply it cuts into the target, the stronger power is needed because the contact area between the surface of the knife and the cross section of the object becomes bigger and the friction gets higher.

VgSTON The moment when the edge of the blade touches the surface of the object requires. Then without any additional effort you can cut through the object. This is possible because of the non-stick

The blades edge thinness of VgSTON is only about 0.15, that gives it outstanding sharpness

Grinded by high precision machine with o.o1 mm increments. Completed with manual working by skillful workers who have preserved the traditional techniques in the city of Seki.,. Clamshell shaped edge,which is applied to Katanas , enables it to make low friction clean cuts.

The blade is 100 % VG10